USA-Starz Streetball Mixtape Tour

USA-Starz Streetball Mixtape Tour is one of the fastest growing entertainment basketball events for communities around the world. Fans of USA-Starz are not just fans they are extended family!


      Entertainment Events


   USA-Starz provide a high energy basketball game and hip hop performance that will be a GAME CHANGER!


   These entertainment events are built around our promotional tours. Celebs and special guest are mostly found at our events so get ready!


   USA-Starz fundraiser program is designed to gain a draw of spectators to who we work with in these events for promotion, outreach and helping with any financial endeavor.


   Free demonstrations along with speaking engagements are apart of the program to provide a well promoted event for exposure to the target market.


   A portion of earnings from the Starz will be a blessing back to the orginazition it was designed for as an act of gratitude by the USA-Starz to meet the needs of others.

      School Take-Over Events

   The Starz school tour take-over is designed to partner with schools and youth centers to advance the minds of today's youth.


   One whole day with the Starz will be a memory that won't be ERASED!


   Students will never forget about how the USA-Starz made such an impact in their lives.  We hope to be invited in to your community soon!